About Us


A team of enthusiasts ...

         ... for enthusiasts


We are mainly producing kits of planes that have been forgotten by mainstream kit makers. We have started with 1/72 nd scale, which will stay our main scale, but we are now expanding to other scales (first to come was FR8001 IAR 81-C in 1/32 nd, now we will get an IAR 80A, also in 1/32 nd)

You will find our kits in many shops. If you look on the Web, our kits appear sometimes under plain AZUR reference, sometimes under AZUR-FRROM, you will also find them under FRROM and FRROM-AZUR.Have a look at the box art to be sure. As the MPM society has changed to Special Hobby brand name, you may also get our kits into that name, in some web shops.


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