FR8002 IAR-80A 1/32 nd

Coming soon:
We will soon release a new kit in 1/32 nd scale, this is the IAR 80A. Expected release date : April 2017

You may build the IAR-80A, serie 106 à 150 and 176 à 150. Compared to the IAR-81C, this new version shows some external differences, mostly:

  • Shorter wings
  • Shorter fuselage (70 mm)
  • Only one oil cooler at the root of right wing (on left wing, it was introduced with aircraft Nr 251)
  • Armament : 6 x 7,92 mm FN machine guns, the wings panels on top and bottom of wings were modified
  • No struts (introduced for the dive bomber version, the IAR-81)
  • AND the camouflage schema was the old one, using british paints (brown / green on top, blue on bottom).

We will straighten some mistakes of the previous kit (the wheel covers, for example, were too small for the wells).

We will keep you updated on the project and will soon publish the boxart and the schemes we choose.

In parallel, Special Hobby will re-issue the original kit (IAR 81C) with some improvements (wheel covers) and different decals.

Some references:

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  • Air Magazine n°40, Jan/ Feb. 2008,  american raid over Ploiesti with Lightnings, 10/VI/1944, Dan Melinte (in french). Part of this event is captured in the original IAR-81C FRROM box-art. 
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