Project Bizerte

Project : a Breguet Bizerte kit in 1/72 nd, in injected plastic.

Status : more than 150 kits reserved on 17 th of January, 2016. We are progressing, but we need at least to have 200 kits reserved to enter the first phase (subscription and start of 3D). If you are interested, please register or the project might not even start for real...  We will not give anymore the exact account of kits reserved, as we are discussing some game about it... and kit subscribers may buy the Bizerte book at reduced price

Last information (22 nd of March, 2016) :

  • We have received the boxart (see above). It shows the Bizerte Nr18, hull code E.12, name LE GRAND COUREUR, escadrille E1, Berre, 1937. She is wearing the Wolf Head insigna. Please have a look at page Profiles and photos
  • Book : the author has improved the text (+50 %). We will have to confirm (or not)  the price
  • We have met the Special Hobby team in Nuremberg to discuss the project (costs, schedule, project plan including the communication plan... ). The meeting minutes are in our Newsletter, sent to all subscribers (with email). If you subscribed and have NOT received the newsletter, please send us a message (in contact page), something is wrong
  • The Newsletter has been published in the site
  • For the book Breguet Bizerte, please see the dedicated page. Kit subscribers may buy it before release.
  • We have bought the rights on the Aerovac Bizerte kit. we will use this kit as a basis to define the modifications we should perform (hull, according to Gérard Bousquet, should be improved, wings are fine).  We will mainly use Joseph de Joux 's plans (transmitted by Gérard)
  • Thank you for all the messages, they confirm the kit potential and helps us in this project. The critical factor, nevertheless, is the number of kits reserved by the registered persons.
  • You may have a look at the Newsletter page. You may also go to the Facebook page

We are thinking about producing a kit in 1/72 nd scale of the Breguet Bizerte. Considering the size of this flying boat, the public price should be a little less than 70 euros, which is a quite big amount but in the same range than some 1/32 nd kits. We might also go for a Bizerte in 1/144 th scale, that would be more affordable. We have not foreseen any mainstream kit maker going for a Bizerte in the coming years nor doing one since the sixties (beginning of injected plastic kits), so there is a very slim probability to have a Bizerte popping out if we don't start doing one. But we are facing risks, we have to manage them - this is a project.

We have started to build a project plan, you may have a look to dedicated pages to see the project plan and the profiles (these may or not be the ones we will get in the boxes). Price should be with a discount of 30 % on public pric (in France), that would give a kit at around 40 to 50 € (all taxes included - without transportation - for subscribers at beginning of project). We have to work on the prices, anyway if you are interested in such a kit, please register in the site Contact page, we may get the kit (or not) depending on number of subscribers.