FR0049 SPAD 510

The Blériot-Spad 510 C1 was the last biplane fighter in service with the Armée de l'Air, shortly before WWII (60 were ordered). The aircraft was serving with 7 éme Escadre, in Dijon. When WWII broke out, some aircraft were used by GARC II/561 in Le Havre-Octeville, one was pressed in service by the DIAP in Lyon-Corbas (Polish Army in France). luckily, no fight with Bf. 109s was recorded ...

3D Views :







We will release two boxes for this kit (very limited run). Expected release : April / May 2022.

Probably we will get the following schemes (that might change) :

FR0049 SPAD 510 7 ème Escadre

  •    N°26, 1 ére  escadrille GC I/7    (Casque de Bayard)
  •    N°14, 3 éme escadrille GC II/7  (Cigognes)
  •    one aircraft with the Black Panther or the Jerusalem Cross

FR0050 SPAD 510 at war

  • N°9, DIAP,  Lyon-Corbas (Division d'Instruction de l'Aviation Polonaise), May 1940
  • N°44, 3 ème escadrille GARC II/561, Le Havre-Octeville, end November, 1939
  • N°32 in  Romilly ru n°56 CIC Montpellier