FR0042 Martin Type 139 WH-1/WAA

The Martin Type 139 aka Martin Bomber was a very important aircraft which initiated a new era in history of aviation, albeit it was built only in hundreds (compared to WWII production).  The Martin type 139 was put in service by many countries during the thirties and forties, including USA, but also in Argentina with Army and Navy, Turkey, Philippines. It was used for combat missions at beginning of WWII by China, Netherland East Indies, Thaïland.

Schedule (tentative) :

  • Sprue A : the first mould (fuselage etc)  is being processed and it will be ready around mid December (shortrun mould)
  • Sprue B : the second mould (wings for FRROM version) will be ready also before the end of December. In mid January we will have the first testshots, so that we can check the fit of the other small parts that will be milled directly into aluminium moulds - it will be another big aluminium mould.
  • End of January : we will bring the testshots to Nuremberg
  • Sprue C (common parts) : this big mould will be made in February - testshots will be done at the end of February. There will be either one big or two smaller moulds
  • Clear Parts : the mould for the clear parts is already done and the parts are injected.
  • Decals, camos and building notice should be done in March
  • End of March we should have everything together.
  • Beginning of April: we should be able to send all three types at once.
  • Still there are some points to decide, for example the decals. We will do the "long-nosed" specific version (Argentine Army, B-510 or B-511).
Camouflages FR0042 first box  (drawing 7) :
  • Martin 139 WH-2 in service with ML-KNIL (Netherland East Indies, 1941/1942) M515, 2/Vl.G III in Singapore, december 1941, january 1942.
  • Martin 139 WAA, Argentine Army, probably  B-504 in 1944, standard nose.
  • Martin 139 WAA, Argentine Army, with long nose, one of two such modified, B-510 or B-511

Specific parts for the long-nose argentine version:




 Camouflages FR0043 second box :

  • Martin 139 WHC in service with China, in 1937,  probably 1403 with 14 th Sqn (Please have a look at kit  FR0034 Gamma 2E Bomber in China,) used during the night of 19/20 May 1938 by Cne Hsu Huan-sheng to "bomb" Nagasaki in Japan with leaflets.  Drawing 9
  • Martin 139 WAN, Argentine Navy, probably 2-B-3, February 1939. Drawing 8.

 Camouflages FR0044 B-10B third box (drawing 5) :

  • Martin 139 B-10B in service with Philippine Air Force in Philippines, December 1941, in US markings (28 th Bomber Sqn). Unfortunately there are no evidences of B10B  painted with the Diamond. Maybe 57 or 59, TBC
  • Martin 139 B-10B, 25 th Bomber Sqn, Hawaï 1940
Documentation :
  • Batailles Aériennes n°42 et 42 (on  ML-KNIL, in french)
  • Avions n°3, 4, 5 with informations on Martin 139 WHC in China, in french.
  • Photos in the web.
  • Informations and photos generously transmitted by Mark Tutton, Starfighter Decals, on  B-10B in Philippines (and elsewhere), by Michel Ledet on Martins in service with ML-KNIL, we want to thank them very much for their help !
  • Martin 139W en Argentina, Jorge F. Nunez Padin, Fernando C.  Benedetto (Spanish)
  • Martin 139 WAN, Jorge F. Nunez Padin, (Museo de la Aviacion Naval - Instituto Aeronaval), Spanish