FR0X04 Potez 25 Europe and America

Description : 
Roundels, badges, codes used on some Potez 25. Roundels are not provided in the sheet when they already are in the original box, in order to give more codes and badges.

Presently, we aim at providing decals for countries, organisations and aircraft below (may vary).


  • Uruguay: roundel, fin flag, Taro insigna, BI-2, Lorraine engine. Maybe also BI-3 code.
  • Paraguay: roundel, fin flag, White 3, Lorraine. The TOE version is more known.
  • Switzerland: probably no flag but number Black 855 (Hispano with a cowling close to the Lorraine), so probably to do from the Lorraine.
  • Poland: no Polish squares. Badges for Sqn 34, 35, 55. Aircraft with code 42-68 (White 4) and an other one, maybe personal badges (Sitting Lion, Green Dragon). Lorraine
  • Greece: no roundel but SIGMA 4 and maybe Sigma 14. Hispano
  • France: no roundel but anchor for Marine and codes. Badges to choose. Lorraine
  • Yugoslavia: under study. Lorraine.
  • Aéropostale : F-AJDX, F-AJDY and F-AJDZ (it will be possible to have all three aircraft with a single sheet). F-AJDX was the first Potez 25 to flew over the Andes from Argentina to Chile (Mermoz, Daurat), F-AJDY second Aéropostale Potez 25, F-AJDZ is the most known, Guillaumet survived to a crash in the Andes and recovered the plane. F-AJDX and Y : Lorraine, with small changes, F-AJDZ, TOE with small changes
  • Air France : F-AJDY where "Air France" replaced "Compagnie Générale Aéropostale" and Air France badge was painted on the forward fuselage.
  • Portugal : unsure, Lorraine with some surgery (landing gear moved forward and cockpit backwards - or the other way ...)