FR008 Nieuport NiD-29 France & Belgium

The Nieuport NiD-29 C1 is a fighter designed br by Gustave Delage in 1918. WWI ended before it was produced. In 1920 it was selected as new fighter by the French Aéronautique Militaire and the delivery to the units started in 1922. 700 of this aircraft were produced.
They were also produced under license in Belgium, Japan, Italy and Siam. They were used by the air forces of other countries as Spain, Sweden, Argentina, Kwansi, China and Manchuria.

In 1925 the French Aéronautique Militaire had 25 NiD-29-equipped squadrons.
Several aircraft fitted with bomb-racks took part in low-level assault tasks in North Morocco at the end of the year 1925. The Nieuports remained in service in France till the end of the 20‘.

In 1922 the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire ordered 108 Nieuport NiD-29 C1. Twenty aircraft were delivered by the French firm Nieuport from 1922 (Ni.1 to Ni.20) and eighty eight were built under license by Belgian firm SABCA (Ni.21 to Ni.108) and delivered between January 1924 and October 1926. During 1931 they were replaced by Fairey Firefly IIM fighters.

Specifications: single-engined biplane fighter. Engine: Hispano-Suiza 8Fb, V-8, liquid cooled,  300 CV. Wingspan: 9,70 m, lenght 6,50 m, hight 2,50m. Maximum speed : 213 km/h at 4 000 m, operationnal ceiling 7 700 m. Range: 580 km. Weapons: 2 machine-guns.