FR003 Fleet Finch

The Fleet 16B Finch II was a progressive development of the original Consolidated Fleet primary trainer (Fleet 10). A total of 431 Finch Trainers were built for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) between 1939 and 1941 (447 Fleet Finches were produced as Model 16s, some were exported to Portugal).

The Finch was a mainstay of the RCAF prior and during the early part of WWII, flying at Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS) in parallel with the better known De Havilland Tiger Moth. The last of the Model 16s struck off strenght from the RCAF inventory in 1947. The Portuguese Naval Aviation used 31 Fleet Trainers (8 Fleet F-10B, 8 F-10G and 15 F16D).

The Chinese Central Government aviation as well as other Chinese aviation bought during the thirsties the Fleet 11 (with Kinner R-5 engine, very similar to the Kinner RB-5 fitted on Canadian Fleets), they used the type widely as trainer.


  • Air Magazine n° 45 and 46 (in french)
  • US Navy aircraft 1921-1941, William T. Larkin

Additional information:

  • Some conversions should be possible from this box (radial engine) as the Fleet trainers were used by US Army (PT-1, PT-3, PT11), the US Navy (NY-1, NY-2, NY-3, N4Y), the National Guards (O-17). 
  • It should be possible to build the N2Y-1 trainer (5 built) used by the Navy. The pilots were educated to use  the Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk, aboard the Macon and Akron.
  • 20 Fleet Model 11 (very similar to model 16) were sold to Mexico. 
  • Built described in Air Magazine, issue 46 (in french)