Newsletter n°02

This is our second Newsletter on the Bizerte project. You are receiving it because you registerez (with an email address) for a Bizerte kit in 1/72 nd scale.

1 - Kit :
1.1 Technical points

No change, in study by Special Hobby (meeting scheduled in Fall 2016)

1.2 Boxart
It has been done, you have probably seen it on the site :

the boxart shows aircraft Nr18, hull code E12, named LE GRAND COUREUR, escadrille E1, Berre, 1937. The squadron insigna is a wolf 's head.

1.3 Hull.

The standard Bizerte (Nr3 to 37) did get an improved hull, differing from the one fitted on Nr1 and 2, and Saigons (if we stand correct, Bizerte 1 and 2 and the two Saigon did get the same hull). For sure, the hull is a very important (and costy) part of a flying boat, so we will very probably produce in 1/72 nd only the standard hull (Bizertes Nr3 to 37). The long canopy was used with Bizertes Nr3 to 37.

Some modifications were also done on the lower wings (1, 2 and Saigons).

Our goal is then : standard Bizerte from Nr3 to 37

2 - Other topics : the Bizerte book (in french)
You may register to the Bizerte book, too (special price, with the kit subscription). The delay requested by Special Hobby will allow to release the book in six months, hopefully. The author Gérard Bousquet is again able to work (more or less), he will sort the photos by chapters and give the corresponding caption.

Base schedule was :

  • Proofreading (bigger version, +50 %, around)  :done (2 nd of May, 2016)
  • Photos sorted in chapters, captions given : 15 to 30 March 2016
  • Additionnal profiles : from 1 st of April
  • Book assembly : from 1 st of April
  • Proofreading, corrections on first chapters : starting on 15 th of May
  • Printing : at latest on Fall

For sure, the photos will be sent to SH in order to allow them to work on the kit.

Last news : the book should be under responsability of Artipresse, and some milestones might slip.

Z - Summary

This chapter will contain technical informations on the aircraft variants given in the Newsletters (we might or might not go for these variants).

Z.1 Hull

The standard Bizertes (Nr3 to 37) did have an improved hull, differing from the hulls used on Nr1 and 2 and Saigons (same hull on Nr1, 2, and the two Saigons - TBC). As the hull is a quite big part of the kit (and therefore costy), we should produce only the hull for Nr3 to 37. The long canopy was used from Nr3 to 37 and will be provided in the kit

Z.2 Enginess 
We wish to study the fitting of alternate engines :

  • on the prototype (but... we will not go for the prototype – hull problem)
  • on another aircraft, for trials (Hispano Suiza engine). The trials proved unsatisfactory but the engines were kept during quite a long time (then replaced by standards G&R engines)

For sure, preparing to go for alternate engines will complicate a bit the project.