Niort (26 and 27 of October, 2019) : we will attend to the event, with pre-orders (10 % rebate) and delivery on site, see the page OTHER (Order by Page Contact before 23 rd of October, Midnight). We will have the two Potez 25 kits.

The Potez 25 kits FR0037 (Lorraine) and FR0038 (Hispano) are available in Prague! The building notice for FR0038 is finished, under printing. Delivery of kits expected in France on the 16 th of October. 

The book "Les Aviateurs Polonais en France en 1940" goes down to 36 euros (previous price : 65 euros)... in french language


  • Three boxes of the Martin B10 / B12 in export version (Netherlands East Indies, China, Thaïland, Argentina, etc.) are scheduled for Spring 2020.
  • We only have a few remaining copies of our book "Loire et Olivier LeO 45", in english
  • Decals in 1/72 nd : FR0X01 France (till 1940) and FR0X02 Belgium (till 1940, too)
  • FR004 kit (Savoia SM 79 JIS/JRS B is sold out. We still have a few kits, but without boxes, so we can't sell them to shops. You may still order to collect at events (with 10 % discount).
  • Potez 25 A2/B2 FR0037 (Lorraine) and FR0038 (Hispano) finished, soon in your shops. Last update: 9 th of October, 2019.
  • Project BIZERTE:  we stop the project, we will send the last information letter in a few days.

Sprues for Potez 25 (tests shots) :