The Renard R-31 (FR0039) and the CASA C-212-300 France (FR0040) are available. Mistral new sprue shown below (FR0041), as well as 3D masters of Potez 25. The book "Les Aviateurs Polonais en France en 1940" goes down to 36 euros (previous price : 65 euros)... in french language.

Projects :

  • We only have a few remaining copies of our book "Loire et Olivier LeO 45", in english
  • FR0039 Renard R-31, available. Updated : 08 th of July, 2018.
  • FR0040 CASA C-212-300 France, available. Updated : 08 th of July, 2018..
  • FR0041 SNCASE Mistral, french modification of the Vampire, mainly done in fitting a Rolls-Royce Nene in place of the original Goblin, 257 units built by SNCASE between 1951 and 1953. Release expected for Eday (September 2018)
  • FR0035 Super Mystère B2 (1/72 nd) - test fit show we should slighty modify some internal parts - otherwise the fuselage would fit with some difficulties. Modifications will take one month, so release is postponed to Christmas 2018 (Update : 10 th of July).
  • FR0037 et FR0038, Potez 25 A2/B2, we are aiming to release the kits at Telford (November 2018).. We will later study the possibility of having also a Potez 29. 3D print of half fuselages  (common TOE and A2/B2), engines, specific bottom of fuselages for A2/B2 and TOE are ready (preparation of molds). Last update : 25 th of June, 2018.
  • Project BIZERTE:  the Newsletter Nr 05 has been sent in June 2018. We were studying the possibility to get an injected-plastic kit of the Breguet Bizerte at 1/72 nd scale, but we need your opinion on the matter and support. please have a look at the dedicated page...  If not enough people are interested, we will cancel the project. See also the Breguet Bizerte book.

New Mistral sprue FR0041 :



3D parts for Potez 25 (fuselages, engines, propellers):