Coming events: Cabrières d'Avignon (6 and 7/07). Order before event and Collect at Show (-10 %)

FR0053 Potez 25 Renault 12 Kg, FR0054 Potez 25 Salmson 18 CMb: arrived in France on the 8th, soon in shops and magazines.

FR0052 DB-7: we have received the tests shots for the plastic parts (4 different sprues), we will show them in coming events.  Only the clear parts are missing - we are working on them. Release expected in late May.

Fairey Battles in 1/72 nd: at least some good news! 1 - clear parts finished (injected in totality) 2 - the person in charge will resume the work on the two missing molds in two weeks. Tests shots for Clear Parts and Wings, Moulds for Fuselage and Small Parts below (done on 16 th of November, published only on 17 th of January), plus the building notice (draft) in page FR0046. Now we are closer to completion. Release not before end of April 2024.

We will release the Bloch 210 (1/72 nd) kit, first kit in June, second in August and third in October. Please see below some 3D views, and test shots

Conversions, sold only on our site or during events:

  • FR0051 Gamma Bomber in Spain
  • FR0058 Potez 25 Farman We (resin engine with the Hispano Potez, no decal)
  • FR0059 Potez 25 Salmson 18 Ab (3D printed engine with the Hispano Potez, no decal)


  • Please have a look at our new decals (FR0X11 to FR0X15).
  • FR0053 Potez 25 Renault 12 Kg and FR0054 Potez 25 Salmson 18 CMb: out in April (Neufgrange)
  • FR0052 DB-7 in French Service: release exopected in May
  • FR0055, 56, 57 Bloch 210; release expected in June 2024.
  • FR015 kit Ikarus IK-2 VVKJ is sold out. We still have a few kits, without boxes, so we can't sell them to shops. You may still order to collect at events (with 10 % discount). Same for FR021 Mystère IVA Israel (a few damaged boxes left), FR0024 Stampe Belgium, FR0025 Stampe France, FR0028 Breguet 1050 Alizé 1G France.
  • Sold out recently: FR015 Ikarus IK-2 VVKJ, FR7001 SM B2 Early 1/48th, FR003 Fleet Finch, FR0X10 Decal.
  • Low stock: FR010 Fw 58b Weihe South America (35), FR017 Vickers Vincent Mk.I (50), FR0042 B-10 Export WH-2/WAA (15), FR0X01 (3), FR0X05 (20)

Bloch 210: Sprue A, Fuselage, B, Wings (test shots) and 3D views


Fairey Battle : Clear Parts and Wings (test shots), Moulds for Fuselage and Small Parts