The two Super Mystère kits have arrived in France, you will get them soon in your shops.

We will attend to the Club Maquettiste de Strasbourg annual event à Mundolsheim on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 of June. As usual you may pre-order kits and books in page Contact and collect them at show with 10 % discount (we will have the Super Mystère kits and test shots of Potez 25).

The book "Les Aviateurs Polonais en France en 1940" goes down to 36 euros (previous price : 65 euros)... in french language


  • We only have a few remaining copies of our book "Loire et Olivier LeO 45", in english
  • FR004 kit (Savoia SM 79 JIS/JRS B is sold out. We still have a few kits, but without boxes, so we can't sell them to shops. You may still order to collect at events (with 10 % discount).
  • FR0035 Super Mystère B2 Early and FR0036 Late are available in France.  Upd : 10 th of June.
  • FR0037 and FR0038, Potez 25 A2/B2 show good progresses. We will later study the possibility of having also a Potez 29. Second mold finished (wings). Release ... later (September ?).  Last update : 17 th of May, 2019.
  • Project BIZERTE:  the Newsletter Nr 05 has been sent in June 2018. We were studying the possibility to get an injected-plastic kit of the Breguet Bizerte at 1/72 nd scale, but we need your opinion on the matter and support. please have a look at the dedicated page...  If not enough people are interested, we will cancel the project. See also the Breguet Bizerte book.

SMB2, tanks and rockets:



3D parts for Potez 25 (fuselages, engines, propellers):